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Drama Llama. Also, Cake Mix Cookies.

Truth be told, it's been a rough morning... so I decided to post about something I did last week instead of today. I'm sure you'd rather read about treats than read about my kids throwing up and having blowouts in the car and the aftermath getting on my clothes and me having a meltdown and locking myself in timeout, anyway.  You wouldn't? Well, a. that's messed up, and b. too bad for you, because we're talking about cake mix cookies, here.

You heard me. Cake mix cookies.You're probably thinking, "C'mon, Melissa. Is that all you got?" No. No it's not. But when you're a sugar addict like I am, you need a recipe up your sleeve that you can make in a snap. Plus, they're yummy.

Speaking of sugar addicts, are there any out there that are reading this? And if so, did you eat sugar cubes like a horse when you were little? No? Me neither... psych. I did. It was the best.

Anyway. Back to the cookies. You probably already know how to make them, and that's okay. You can keep reading if you want to. Or don't. Whatever.

I learned how to make these when I was a wee lass and it was a favorite treat at our house. One thing I like is that they're super versatile. You can use any cake mix you like. They're good as-is, but to make an extra-fancy cookie, try mixing in things that will compliment the flavor. Most people won't even know that you used a cake mix, and they will be super impressed with your skills. You're welcome.

Now, let's get to the nitty gritty. Here's the recipe:


1 box cake mix, any flavor
2 eggs
1/2 cup canola oil
Mix-ins of your choice (optional)
Mix ingredients together, scoop onto an ungreased cookie sheet (a dozen per sheet), and bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes (maybe more, maybe less depending on your oven and the altitude. Just watch 'em). Let them cool before consumption. That's it. 

Tip: I made chocolate cookies with peanut butter M&Ms since I bought a butt-load of them for the Spouse Unit for Father's Day (I wouldn't say I ended up eating the whole bag... but I'm glad I've got a nice husband that will share the loot. Thanks, babe). I pressed the M&Ms into the cookies after they were baked. I probably could've incorporated them into the dough before baking but I didn't want to risk broken M&Ms and the color bleeding off. 

I probably should've put more of my money beets on top... ten points if you guess that reference correctly.

I popped the cookies in before the missionaries came over for dinner and we all had a nice little treat after our meal. Translation: we ate half the cookies and they took the other half home.

There are a lot of different combinations you can try. Homemade Oreos are probably the most popular type of cake mix cookie (red velvet or chocolate with cream cheese frosting sandwiched in between the cookies after they've cooled. I also had a friend who made amazing Oreos at Christmastime by melting candy cane Kisses and using that as the filling. Shelby, you the real MVP). I've also had lemon rolled in powdered sugar before baking, spice cake with canned pumpkin and chocolate chips, or white or yellow cake and sprinkles for a birthday cake cookie. I would recommend scooping ice cream between two cookies and having ice cream sandwiches, too! The possibilities are pretty endless.

What are some combinations you have heard of or tried and what did you think? Comment below and let me know!

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading, and hasta la pasta, ya'll.


  1. Melt an Andes on a chocolate cake mix cookie. To. Die. For.

    1. That's brilliant! Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. Once upon a time, I'm definitely a sugar addict. Which I find hard considering in a dietitian and I'm supposed to model good eating practices. And last time I checked, eating the full pan of brownies or entire batch of cookies is not necessarily a best eating practice (but it is delicious on occasion). Love these cookies and you are so cute.

    1. You're a much stronger woman than I! Congrats on getting your RD! So happy for you! :)

  3. I am a sugar addict. I still sneak spoonfuls of brown sugar when I'm baking. Thanks for the yummy ideas!! Miss you guys!

    1. Haha same here! Can't resist a spoonful of cookie dough. Miss you too!


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