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The Mama Llama

"Hey you guyyyys!" Name that movie.

I'm Melissa. I'm a mama that loves llamas, cooking, saving a buck, reading, and my famjam. I love dance parties, dad jokes, and stripes. I'm an amateur blogger and professional sassyfrass.

This is where I post thoughts and blog topics that don't fit in my other categories, to be completely honest.

Why Llamas? 

A Mom-Themed Birthday Party

Mommy Style Monday: Me-Time

Mommy Style Monday: A Girls' Day Out 

Mommy Style Monday: Favorite Spring Things Box

Mommy Style Monday: Favorite Things Box, Round 2

Mommy Style Monday: Me-Time

Recognizing Answers To My Prayers 

A Tale of Two Days 

Unsolicited Advice 

Three Caramel Apple Suckers

All Is Well 

Many Thanks & A Mama Llama Q&A Announcement! 

Mama Llama Q&A 

27 Secrets About Me 

My New Year's Resolutions

Having Hope in Jesus Christ: Part 1

Calling All Donors: Meet Rick & Shay