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3 Cheers for 3 Years!

Dear Spouse Unit, 

I remember the first time I laid eyes on you. It was six and a half years ago and I saw you at a party. The way your curly hair bounced around as you danced caught my eye and I knew I wanted to be your friend.

Fast forward a few months and I saw you again. You made eye contact with me, and "you had a look about you." I noticed you had chopped off all of that blessed, curly halo known as your hair and I knew that I needed to talk to you. Thanks to a mutual friend, I got your number, and thanks to your response, a beautiful friendship was born.

We texted at first, then met again in person, and I won your heart with my keychain collection (it was impressive, I'll admit). 

Over the next few months we spent time together at dance parties, playing hide-and-seek at the Small, getting waterbombed by your roommates in the stairwell, snowboarding and skiing, going on hikes, playing soccer and teens t-ball on Team Karen, going to ball games, The Tournament of Champions... I could go on and on.

You super-seniored it up and took me to my last high school dance, and you almost kissed me goodnight. But thanks for not kissing me, because my brother-in-law and sister were spying on us through the curtains. 

You took me on my dream date before you left on your mission, and you didn't kill me when I told you I wasn't going to wait for you. Thanks for that.

You went to the Philippines, I went to college. I studied and played a little bit, and you served and taught people about Jesus Christ. 

We wrote back and forth for two years, and two years later I saw you again. That was one of the happiest days. I couldn't stop smiling!

We started going on dates again, and realized we were still mutually weird and mutually interested. We talked about marriage and kept dating, because I was so worried about getting married even though I knew that I loved you. Thank you for being patient with me.

One day, you took me to a llama farm, and I cried. You took me to the Salt Lake temple to do baptisms and confirmations for the dead, took me on a ferris wheel, took me to dinner, and then told me you were taking me home because you were "pretty tired". I was so mad at you because I thought you were going to propose and I had bought a new dress for the occasion. 

When we neared my house, you threw a blindfold on me and took me on another adventure. I knew you were going to propose at this point, and I offered a silent prayer and told Heavenly Father that I was going to say yes! You took me to the tabernacle across the street from the Brigham City, Utah  Temple ("our castle"), played the piano and sang for me, then got down on one knee. I cried again. You asked me to be your wife and I said that I would love to! 

You put the most beautiful ring on my finger, then we went outside and shouted to the world that we were getting married!

We got married on a hot day in July. We spent the day with our families and friends, and that was a great day--mostly because I knew I'd get to be yours forever. 

Three years have gone by since our wedding day and and we have two beautiful daughters and so many adventures to show for it. 

We have experienced some difficulties, some tolerance, some cats, graduation, awesome Halloween costumes, and a lot of happiness. You continue to be my favorite person on the face of the earth. I love you so much and I can't imagine spending the rest of forever with any other weirdo. Thanks for all of the fun, my dear. I'm so excited that I get to adventure with you every day for the rest of time. 

Happy anniversary, Babycakes. Team TMNT Forever!




  1. You guys are the cutest! Congrats to 3 years!!!! To infinity and beyond!

  2. Thank you Morg! You and Shawnathan are pretty dang cute, so I don't know if we're THE cutest. Are you going to be in Utah for Christmas? We want to see you guys!


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