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Oreo Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

Tina's birthday was last week, as I've already told you, unless you're reading this blog for the first time. In that case, hey, welcome, my daughter is two. *Breaks into sobs*

We threw her a Frozen party, because besides sharks, Frozen is her favorite thing. Although, I'm kind of regretting not throwing a shark party now... Does anyone happen to know when shark week is?

Anyway, we kept her birthday simple.

Let's be honest, Tina isn't going to remember anything about my labor of love of crocheting a snowflake birthday banner out of real snowflakes, and that I rented a teleportation device to whisk her away to Arendelle. I did not do any of that. I get the worst parenting award.

Instead, we used purple balloons and white and blue streamers to decorate our apartment. We watched Frozen. We ate sandwiches, carrots and ranch, and drank Yoo-Hoo's (big summer blowout!). We went to the Children's Museum with a playgroup, and FaceTimed with our families since everyone lives 1500 miles away. It was a super fun day and I didn't stress myself out!

The "piece de resistance" was her birthday cake, because I love making desserts. Have you ever had Asphalt Pie from Wingers? It's awesome. I wanted to try to replicate it, only my caramel sauce didn't turn out, so we're just going to say that I made an Oreo and mint chocolate chip ice cream cake that was frosted with whipped cream. 

Tina likes ice cream a lot, Spouse Unit likes ice cream a lot more than cake, I basically love all sugar, so it was a winner for all. Plus, Anna has an ice cream cake in "Frozen Fever". So there's that. 

There's probably not a wrong way to make an ice cream cake, but here's how I made mine! Side note: this was my first time making stabilized whipped cream and it turned out well, so don't be intimidated. You can do it!


2 packages regular Oreos
5 Tbsp melted butter
1 gallon mint chocolate chip ice cream (I bought 2 half gallons of mint chocolate cookie)

Oreo Crust (from Crazy for Crust): Finely crush 25 Oreos, including filling (I used a food processor). Mix with the melted butter. Press evenly into the bottom of a pa\rchment-lined or foil-lined springform pan (mine was 10.5\
 inches in diameter, I think). Freeze until solid. 

While your crust is setting up, set your ice cream out to soften. When it's spreadable but not melted, spread a half gallon of your ice cream onto your Oreo crust. 

Top the ice cream layer with 20 finely crushed Oreos. Spread them out evenly and press gently into the ice cream, set in the freezer to harden. 

When the ice cream layer is solid, spread with other half gallon of ice cream and top with 15 ish more crushed Oreos. This will be the top of your cake, so don't crush the Oreos as finely. It looks more appetizing to have chunkier Oreo pieces on top. 

Freeze until completely solid. 

While your cake is in the freezer, make the stabilized whipped cream.

Release the cake from your spring form pan and set it on a cake stand or plate. Use a small amount of the whipped cream to make a crumb coat on the sides of the cake (a crumb coat is a thin layer of frosting that secures your crumbs in place before putting your pretty layer of frosting on. It is completely normal if your crumb coat layer looks, well, crummy, because that's the purpose of a crumb coat).

Don't touch the top, because you have all those pretty Oreos up there! 

After your crumb coat is complete, freeze your cake again until it is completely solid and your crumb coat is frozen. This is essential, so don't skip this step.

Frost your cake with the rest of your whipped cream the way you want. I piped around the top and a little on the sides, which I regret now, but no biggie. It tasted good. 

Stick your cake back in the freezer until you are ready to shove it in your face.


2 tsp unflavored gelatin
2 Tbsp cold water
2 c heavy cream
1/2 c powdered sugar

Mix the unflavored gelatin and the cold water in a small glass bowl and let sit until thickened, about a minute. 

Stick the mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds at a time, until the gelatin is dissolved and the mixture is clear and a little foamy. Let it sit to cool, but don't allow it to set up. 

Combine the heavy whipping cream and the powdered sugar in a large bowl. With electric beaters, mix until slightly thickened. 

Add the gelatin mixture slowly to the whipped cream while mixing on low. 

When all of your gelatin has been added, turn your beaters up to high and whip until stiff. 

Spread on cake. It holds up for decorating with, too! It'll last a few days in the fridge, but we kept our cake frozen and it lasted until we finished eating the cake (which also happened to be a few days). 

You can get the free 3D printables of Elsa and Anna on Disney Family. 
The number 2 is from Great Kids Birthday Parties! They have other numbers, too. I used a glue stick to attach popsicle sticks to the number so it would stand up on the cake. 

What kind of dessert do you eat on your birthday? What flavors of ice cream cake do you like? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! Hasta la pasta, ya'll!