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Mommy Style Monday: A Girls' Day Out

Morning! Today I get to write for Madeline and Kiana's Mommy Style Monday series! It's a collaboration of a bunch of ladies writing about their individual "mommy style."

"How neat is that? ...That's pretty neat!" Ten points for the reference.

Fun facts: Kiana used to be my visiting teaching companion and Madeline was my housemate in college/we worked together at Especially For Youth, so guess what? I'm doubly cool by association! In all sincerity, though, these ladies are super great.

The topic for today is "A Girls' Day Out." 

Let's be real. If you ask me, every day is a girls' day at our house because we've got 3 parts estrogen and 1 part testosterone up in here. 

However, when I have a girls' day it usually consists of one or more of the following:

-Food with friends
-Gnomie reunions (my awesome college roommates. Butt wink.)
-Nail painting parties
-Book clubs
-Play dates (more for me than for my girls)
-Family activities 

Do I bring my kids?

A lot of the time, I do! One thing that I found out pretty quickly after having kids is that people generally like babies more than adults. If I bring my kids places, people generally like me more than other adults. So... instant popularity. 

Just kidding. 

But not really.

What do I wear?

-Deodorant. You might think that's funny or even gross, but I'm serious. A lot of times as a mom I just hang out at home and make minimal effort to get ready. I'm around stinky little kids all day, anyway. But when I go out, you can be confident that I'm breaking out my stick o' deodorant.

-Makeup. Sometimes. I don't want to look like a truck, but I'm lazy and a huge bawl baby. Makeup only encumbers my free-flowing tear ducts.

-Not heels. I want to be able to chase down Tina like those raptors in Jurassic Park. I own them, but at this stage in my life they're purely decorations in my closet. Heels, not raptors.

-Clothing. Because you have to.

This past weekend we went on a family outing to a museum exhibit, a 4D movie, a water park, and ended it with a Mango Gelati from Rita's! 

I wore a loose, striped v-neck shirt I got for $4 at The DI, some sandals that I got for $15 at Walmart, my $4 gift shop starfish studs, my signature side bun, and my husband's shants (shorts made from pants. Also known as cutoffs, but not as fun to say)

When we went swimming, I wore my cute one-piece that I scored for 30 bucks at Ross. I love it because the material is super soft, it's easy to nurse in, and it looks fairly dope on my mom bod. ;)

Ready to raptor chase.

And that's about it! If you want to know more, you can always leave a comment or stick around a while and read some of my other posts. Make sure to check out the other blogs listed below to see what they do on girls' day! If you're interested in participating, contact Kiana or Madeline.

Thanks for reading, and hasta la pasta, ya'll!

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  1. Haha. I seriously LOVE reading your blog! It is the greatest! Also, I didn't know that you knew Madeline! That is so cool! Such a small world.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it really is a small world, I am always surprised when my friends know each other and I don't have anything to do with it haha. Thanks for letting me collaborate with you guys this week!

  2. Neature. I'll be back here, I just needed to give you that before I read the rest :)

  3. Ha ha Melissa, you crack me up! I'm so glad you joined up with us this week. And that's pretty funny you know Kiana too! I love it!

    1. Thanks Madeline! Thanks for letting me, it was fun! :)

  4. Okay, I'm back. So true on the makeup gig. These days my 'allergies' are so bad that I have mascara streaming down my face half the day. The 'allergies' are a real thing, so I'm not sure why I put it in quotes, but the crying happens too frequently, too. :) So yeah, basically, maybe I should eternally wear waterproof mascara...

    Also, I'm glad you feel like your kids make you popular, because I always feel like people are like, "Great, the lady with the loud annoying brats showed up."

    1. I'm sorry, allergies are the pits! We haven't really had them since we moved but we've been sick a whole lot! The problem with waterproof mascara is you have to take it off, and water doesn't do that! Haha. I hate looking like a raccoon when I take my makeup off anyway, it makes my dark circles even more prominent so I just opt to go natural. I feel like the annoying one the other half of the time, like when there are a surplus of kids and mine are the worst behaved.

  5. Bahahaha! This post is hilarious!!! I wish I had raptors in my closet! Or better yet, RAPTOR SHOOOOOOESSSS!!! That would be legit.


    1. Thanks! I liked reading your post, too! I would be terrified to have raptors in my closet. But raptor shoes, I could deal with! I love shoes!

  6. you are awesome! haha i do believe a little girls day without kids is necessary from time to time, but 90% of the time my kids tag along too and it's still a good time.
    also, the worst thing about one pieces is when you have to pee hahaha i got a bunch of cute ones this summer for my big preggo belly and i'm realizing how not fun it is to peel a wet swimsuit down every time i need to go.


    1. This is probably TMI for the world in general, but my mama always had us pull the crotch off to the side so we didn't have to take our whole pieces off. I've had suits for years and the crotch isn't stretched out, if you're worried about that :)

    2. It's true, girls days without kids are nice, but my husband is crazy busy with school and oftentimes it's a whole lot easier for me to just bring my kids with me instead of finding a babysitter.

  7. Ha! You are too cute! It is funny how many random people will come up to you and chat when you have your kids with you! (Mainly I think they are intrigued that I have 4 and one on the way!). But no one ever really approaches me when I am by myself! Loved reading!

    1. Thank you so much! I know, right? Children are great mediators. How is having 4 and being pregnant? Because it sounds hard but also you're amazing!


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