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A&G Dickman Wedding 10/22/2016

So you know how last week I said I was going on a trip?

Surprise! I got hired to make a cake and cupcakes for a wedding! This was my second wedding, thanks to Pugmum & Glennie (who had a baby yesterday! Yay for new nieces!)! They hired me for my first one, ultimately getting me the second gig.

Here are the pictures:

Here's the whole spread. The bride made the cupcake stands and they were so cute!

My first ever wedding cake! This was a spice cake with cream cheese buttercream. We added fresh flowers to really make the cake pop. The lady who did the flowers at the wedding did such a wonderful job and she was so nice!

Vanilla cupcakes with raspberry buttercream

Cookies & cream cupcakes: chocolate sandwich cookie on bottom, chocolate cake on top, topped with chocolate cookies & cream cheese buttercream

Coconut cupcakes & coconut buttercream

These are the reason I was hired: Peanut butter cup(cakes)! Peanut butter cup on bottom, chocolate cake on top, topped with peanut butter(cream).

Thanks for stopping by! Hasta la pasta, ya'll!


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