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"Half Broke Horses": A Review

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Last month, I went to the library and tried to find The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. I wanted to read it because my friend Anndee from Anndee Between The Lines recommended it and she knows a thing or two about books. It wasn't available, but on the shelf where it should've been was another book called Half Broke Horses. It was written by the same author, and the description sounded right up my alley: The Great Depression, settlers, cowboys, and a strong female protagonist.

The author, Jeanette Walls, said it was a novel, but all of the stories were from the life of her maternal grandmother, Lily Casey Smith. Even the voice she wrote it in was her grandmother's voice.

All I have to say is this: I wish Lily Casey Smith was my grandma (without having her daughter be my mom. I have a pretty awesome mom)! Lily had such an interesting life! She learned to fly an airplane, taught school, lived in a convent, lived in a burrow, raced horses, ran a ranch, etc. etc. etc.

For as many exciting experiences she had, she also had a full measure of hardship. A lot of the things that happened to her would break just about anyone else, but it ended up shaping her character and life choices. Some of her choices were good, I'm sure others she regretted, and a few caused things to happen that she couldn't control. 

I don't want to say too much and end up ruining the book. You'll just have to read it!
Have you read  Half Broke Horses? What did you think?

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