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Tina Says the Darndest Things

I'm sure this will be a long, long list as Tina learns more and more words, but here's a few gems.

-Sees a cow in a book, points, and says "Mommy!"

-Yelling, "Sshh! (insert family member) sleeping."

-"Daddy hot. Mommy hot. [Lil Spits] hot."

-(Spouse Unit helping Tina pray)
Spouse Unit: "Thank you for hot dogs."
Tina: "Sh**."

-"My chair" (referring to anything that she thinks is hers)

-"Chocogok" = chocolate milk

I put a scarf over her head, "I Jesus!"

"I stinker!" and "I cute, too!"

I told Tina that she needed to go to bed after she finished her milk and then I got distracted by a phone call. When I got off the phone she was gone. I went looking for her and found her lightly snoring halfway off her bed with her pants around her ankles. It was so cute and funny. I pulled her pants back up and put her in her bed, which wakes her up. She snuggles deeper into her pillow and as I tuck her in, she whispers, "close the door." I give her a kiss, tell her goodnight, and she just says, "close the door" again. Love you too, Tina ;)

"Oh man!" and "Oh, shoot!"

I was changing "Bryan's" diaper (a little baby that I babysit, name has been changed) and Tina was helping me. When I pulled off his wet diaper, she pointed at him and asked, "what's that?" So I take the opportunity to point out the difference between girls and boys using correct terminology. She looks at Bryan, shrugs her shoulders with her hands out and says, "I have The Penis Movie, Bwyan!" We have The PEANUTS Movie.

"Mickey Mouse Hah House"