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April Fools' Prank Contest Rules

My friend put this sign up at BYU-I Housing. Miss you, Shizzy!

Hey hey! I have a new contest for you! 

It's the April Fools' Prank Contest! Yaaaay. The crowd goes wild.


1. I am looking for the best prank either pulled BY you, or one pulled ON you! 
2. One entry per person.
3. Keep it concise, 1-2 paragraphs max. I will edit them if they're too long.
4. Submit photos with your prank, if you have them!
5. Illegal and extremely mean pranks will be disqualified. Like life-scarring ones.
6. Submit your entry by Friday March 31 via email, text, blog contact box (left side bar), Instagram, Facebook, or in the comments below!
7. All entries will be posted on April 1.
8. The winner will be chosen by me, announced on the April 1, and will receive a prize as well as eternal glory! Hard to pass that up.

That's it! I already have two entries and they're pret-ty good. So let's see those pranks, people!

Thanks for reading! See ya on the flip-flop!



  1. I love April Fools Day! One year when I was living with my 3 best friends, one of my roomies and I teamed up and played a prank on the other two girls. We were friends with our neighbors across the hall, so we decided to pretend someone broke into out apartment and stole our tv & living room decorations. We put everything in their apartment across the hall and called the other two and told them what happened, along with sending a pic. They believed us and rushed home to find us laughing. They weren't very happy.


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