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Mama Llama's April Fools' Prank Contest!

April Fools! I didn't post until Monday. :) That's my joke, except it was unintentional. However, I'll take it. Anyway, let's cut the chitchat. Here are the pranks!

My prank (not in the running): When I want to scare Spouse Unit, I'll get down on all fours, hide, and when he walks by I start barking like a dog and jump out at him. Usually it elicits a pretty awesome response, namingly him jumping in the air and me crying from laughing so hard. It's not an April Fools' prank, but it has worked about 4 times... thusfar...

Your entries:

I helped coach my little sister’s basketball team about 4 years ago. Most of the girls on the team had great basketball skills but there were two girls (they were sisters) that didn’t know what they were doing. I tried to put them in as much as possible, but when games were close I had to play my best girls. 
This particular game I’m talking about was super close, so these two girls weren’t getting much playing time. During the game-while I’m trying to coach- their mom came marching over to the bench and asked me why I wasn’t playing her daughters. I tried to explain to her that we were in a tournament and it was a close game so I was playing my best girls so that we could have a better chance to win. It sounds mean when I type it out, but I promise I was nice! She continued to yell at me from across the court to play her daughters and I was so embarrassed! 
We ended up winning that game and as soon as it was over I told my little sister and my mom that we needed to get the heck out of there before that mom came and yelled at me again. We left and my mom dropped me off at home. 
Soon after I got home, I got a text message from a number I didn’t recognize. I opened it, and it said something to the effect of, “Hi, this is Heidi and Monica’s mother (names changed for their safety!) and I was wanting to text you and ask you why you didn’t play my daughters in the game today. I just want you to know I’ll be turning you in and you will get your coaching license revoked. I also think you’re a terrible coach and I’ll make sure to let everyone know that.” 
I’m sitting there wondering how in the heck this crazy lady got my number and that I don’t even have a coaching license! I texted her back and told her I was very sorry she felt that way, but I was just doing my job and that she needed to remember this was a competition basketball team and we will play our best players when it’s a close game and we want to win. 
I called my mom freaking out telling her I was a good coach and I didn’t want to get in trouble and not be able to coach again. My mom handed the phone to my little sister and she instantly started laughing hysterically. It wasn’t Heidi and Monica’s mom after all, my sister had downloaded a texting app on her phone and texted me from that. I was so relieved, but a little mad! I thought this crazy lady was really texting me! I still haven’t gotten back at her for that terrible prank though.

From my grandma's personal history: A favorite family joke was repeated every April 1 when at the breakfast table my father would point to our wall telephone and say, "Well look at that! A rooster on the telephone!" We all looked and then all shouted together "April fool!"

My senior year of high school I put a sign outside the choir room door saying "Meet in the library today" and the whole class went to the library. The librarian was so confused and our choir teacher wondered why in the heck nobody showed up for class. 
After the librarian called him and told him his class was in the library, he went down to get everyone and I put peanut butter underneath his music stand. When the class was back in the choir room and he grabbed his music stand to pull it closer, he got peanut butter all over his fingers. I also put those firework poppers underneath the legs of his chair so when he sat down they popped and it scared him and the rest of the class!

One year when I was living with my 3 best friends, one of my roomies and I teamed up and played a prank on the other two girls. We were friends with our neighbors across the hall, so we decided to pretend someone broke into out apartment and stole our TV & living room decorations. We put everything in their apartment across the hall and called the other two and told them what happened, along with sending a pic. They believed us and rushed home to find us laughing. They weren't very happy.

I went to church with my mom in St. George and of course Baby O had a blow out! So while I was in the rest room changing him, Grandma Yia Yia (my mom) decided to walk around with his carseat with the flap down. When people would come up and go "Oh... Is this your grandson?... Let me see!" They would flip the flap up to see baby ball O sound asleep! The reactions you can imagine were priceless. Thanks mom for always finding ways to make people laugh! I hope I can grow to be as witty as you. 
-C & J

My fiance (now husband) and I were getting married in a month and had just printed off our wedding invitations. Enter April Fool's Day. I had pranked my fiance (now husband) a few times in past years, so he had learned to be on guard all day. I had to be sneaky.
I called my aunt, who had a friend (Sister R) that worked in the Salt Lake Temple. I explained what I wanted to happen and luckily, Sister R was up for the task. As my fiancé was on his way to work, he got a phone call from the Salt Lake Temple. It was Sister R (she wasn't really calling from the temple, just from her home). My aunt, who was with Sister R, kept me updated about the conversation on her cell phone.
Sis. Reynolds: "Hi, is this Mr. T. M.?" 
T: "Yes." 
Sis R: "Hi T, this is Sister R calling from the Salt Lake Temple. I am just verifying the date of your wedding. I have you and K down for May 21st at 10:20am." 
T: "Um, it's actually May 31st, not the 21st" 
Sis R: "Oh...really? Okay let me check my records." 
..30 seconds later...
"Oh T, I'm so sorry. We don't have anything available for May 31st..." 
T: "What?" 
Sis R: There must have been a mistake, I'm sorry. We could schedule you in for the day before at 4:30pm?" 
T, in obvious distress: "Uh....let me talk to my fiancé and i'll call you back"
I was expecting the call, of course. I answered it, very calmly, as if I knew nothing.
Me: "Hello?" 
T: "K! They messed up our date for our wedding! I don't know what to do! They don't have any availability for May 31st!"
He was in an absolute panic. I acted shocked, but tried to talk him through it.
Me: "What?! Did you ask if they have any other availabilities?" 
Him: "Yes! They don't have any for that day, only the day before at 4:20 pm!" 
Me: "Hmm...well did you ask them if they have any openings for April Fool's Day?" 
 .....Silence. He didn't say a word for a few seconds. Finally he said, "I've gotta go to work, I'll talk to you later."
My heart was pounding! OH NO! Was he furious with me? It was a long 4 hours. After his shift, he called me back and was laughing uncontrollably. He couldn't believe that I pranked him so good.

My final year at USU I lived with four other girls. I was dating my husband at the time, so I honestly didn't hang out with my roommates very much. One day before Halloween two of them had a pumpkin carving party with some friends and put their pumpkins out on the porch. This was fine! I love festive things! Halloween came and went, and the pumpkins were still there, starting to look pretty droopy. A few more weeks came and went, and the pumpkins were still there, looking even more droopy and growing some mold. I tried the passive aggressive roommate text, "Hey! Love you so much! Would you please clean up your pumpkins they are grossing me out! Thanks! Hope you have a great day!" Another week went by, maybe two, and the pumpkins remained. Black mold was growing on our porch now. You might be wondering, why didn't I or one of the other roommates just bite the bullet and pick up the pumpkins? This was a matter of PRINCIPLE.
I was venting to my boyfriend (now husband) about the gross pumpkins (always party to our doorstep scenes) and he agreed it was ridiculous. This was when a brilliant idea occurred to me.

We lived in a nice townhouse community, and it was my understanding that communities like that have HOAs. So, I drafted a letter from our "HOA" saying that the neighbors had complained and if we didn't get the disgusting pumpkins off the porch there would be a $200 fine and possible eviction!! I copied the letterhead of the actual HOA and everything, and followed typical business letter format.Then I taped it to our front door, knocked, and ran.

When I got home that night from hanging out with my BF, my roommates were in a panic. They showed me the letter and we all agreed that the pumpkins needed to be picked up ASAP.

The next day when I got home from school, the pumpkins were gone.

My only regret is that my roommates who didn't place the pumpkins there were the ones who cleaned it up because they were so worried, ha ha. But hey, it worked!

I didn't tell them that it was me who wrote the letter until months after school was over. 


 And the winner is...

Last year while my husband (then boyfriend) was at school, I went through and tinfoiled everything in his office. And I mean everything. Part 2 of the prank: He carefully unraveled all of the tinfoil and had accomplices put it all in my my bedroom while we were on a date together, PLUS he stole all of my left shoes!
-S & D

Congrats S & D! You win a prize. The retainer and Roman Numeral clock were my favorites!  Thanks everyone for sending pranks in! All of the pranks were great and I had a really hard time choosing a winner. If you have a grievance, please submit a powerpoint on why you should have won, I will review it, and then award prizes accordingly. Look for more contests in the future, and as always, thanks for reading!

See ya on the flip-flop,