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5 Things To Do With Your Family This Weekend: A Guest Post by The Smart Lad

Hey everyone! How ya doin'?

It's almost the weekend, so yay for that! Do you have plans yet? Whether you do or whether you don't, you should definitely read on!

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Second off, here's a cool story: I got an e-mail from Shawn Michaels over at The Smart Lad and he said that he wanted to write a post for my blog! "How neat is that? That's pretty neat." 10 points for the reference. We collaborated on a post about fun, outdoor family activities to do with your family this weekend!  

Shawn reviews outdoor/sporting equipment and is a college student who has an affinity for travelling, baseball, the outdoors, and sandwiches of all kinds! A guy after my own heart. Except I'm married, so I'll eat my sandwiches elsewhere, thanks.

His blog says he's single, ladies! Somebody needs to go put a ring on it so that he can do some family outdoor activities!

Here's our post! Hope you like it!


Weekends are important because they allow you to unwind from the week and spend time with your family. It might not be possible to spend time with your loved ones during the week, so make the time you spend with them count! What types of activities can you do together to provide optimum enjoyment? Here’s a list of 5 things you can do with your family this weekend!

Have a Barbecue:
Barbecuing is great because it can be as low key or as grand as you want to make it! The most important part (besides the food) is getting outside and spending time with family. You and your guests can choose to have a relaxing time in your backyard, hang out by the pool, or incorporate games like Frisbee or volleyball. Also with barbecues, you can invite the whole family over, thus allowing you meet or reconnect with relatives that you haven’t seen for a while.

Play Sports:
There is nothing better than playing baseball with your dad on a weekend. It’s been my favorite thing to do since childhood. There are plenty of benefits to playing sports. For example, playing sports is an excellent way to bond with your kids, teach them how to work together as a team, and help them to grow healthy and strong. Playing sports with your children also helps keep you fit as a parent. Get out and kick a soccer ball around at the park or shoot hoops in the driveway. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but the impact you make on your kids will be!

Go Camping:
Some of the best times I’ve ever had have been on camping trips with my family and friends. There is nothing better than getting out of the city and going camping. It allows you to reconnect with nature, disconnect from electronics, and experience some real-life interaction. Activities like riding ATVs, fishing, biking, rock climbing, and hiking can take your camping experience to the next level, so consider incorporating them into your trip! Here are some climbing spikes that I’d recommend for your next campout.

Go Paintballing:
If you want an activity that would spark some healthy competition and help your kid learn how to make the most out of team situations, paintball can make this happen. It’s an enjoyable game that provides some good, clean fun with your children (if they’re old enough to avoid getting injured by the boisterous nature of the sport). Alternatively, you can play laser tag, although it’s not an outdoor activity and doesn’t provide the same kind of health benefits, but it’s a good option if you live in the city or the forecast calls for rain.

Have a Picnic:
There’s something about eating on a blanket out of a picnic basket that can turn an ordinary meal into something extraordinary. Consider taking your family out on a picnic to the park or the beach this weekend! There are various sports that you can play on the sand or at the park, but a picnic on the beach also gives you the option of going swimming. Both options are perfect for a family bonding experience that incorporates food and sports into the same activity.  

Thanks again for blogging with me, Shawn! The next time you want to buy some sporting or outdoor equipment, don't forget to head over The Smart Lad and read his reviews first. He's your guy!

What are some of your favorite outdoor family activities? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

The Mama Llama & The Smart Lad


  1. We love the lake! We go almost every weekend in the summer. Get there by 10 am, picnic and play in the water and sand til 12:30/1 pm, and the kiddos pass out on the drive home.
    Or do it after naps.
    Get there by 4:30 pm, picnic and play in the water and sand til 7:30 pm, and the kiddos pass out on the drive home.
    I pack them clean jammies and always keep a second toothbrush in the diaper bag that we use before we leave the beach, and we tell stories and read our scriptures on the phone on the way home so all we have to do is jump in bed and sing them a song when we get home. #perfectsummernights

    1. That sounds like so much fun! I need to get my bootay out the door and take my girls to do fun things. Leaving the house is so hard for me haha.


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