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3rd Annual Mama Llama Costume Contest!

Happy candy hangover day, everybody! I hope that you all had a fun filled and safe Halloween and that nobody took home the wrong PJ Masks at the end of the night.

It has been a long time since I've blogged anything, and I have ideas to resurrect the blog, but we shall see if I can even manage it. By 8 am I had already ripped a gob of Halloween slime out of my 2 year old's beautiful hair and broken up a fight over whether or not it's kosher to eat chunks of plain cream cheese. We also had to make a quick stop to the ER to get my kid's head glued back together but what ya gonna do. At least for today we'll have some quality content! Woop woop!

So... here's our Jennings family 2018 costumes:

If you aren't into video games and need us to explain, we're Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Rhino, King K. Rool, and a Banana. We handed out our banana stash at the trunk or treat, and I can't say I've ever seen so many relieved parents before!

We also did MarioKart with the cool cats at Spouse Unit's current (and last! Woohoo!) residency site.

Why yes, that is my husband as Bowser in a pimped out child's costume. He was affectionately called Lil Bow Wow every time I saw him. And yes, we do have adorable children.

And now, here's the costume contest!


Congratulations to our winners:

Scuba Diver, The Kraken, & a ghost ship complete with booty in the poop deck.

Please contact me with your address and dessert of choice and we'll get you rewarded for all your hard work! Thanks to everyone for sharing your costume submissions and for making this a fun Halloween! Have a great rest of the year friends! Love ya!

Melissa The Mama Llama


  1. Sooo fun to look at all the creative costumes! I'm so glad you do this! You're family is so fun and adorable!


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