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The Bassoon King: A Review

Hello, everyone. My name is Melissa and I'm an Office fangirl. 

You want proof? I submit the following as evidence:

FACT: For my sister's birthday one year, my mom and I put a calculator in Jell-O and gave it to her. 
FACT: I used to have a Jell-O stapler keychain. 
FACT: I was initiated into a choir through court trial, and was found guilty of stealing office supplies and putting them in--you guessed it--Jell-O (I didn't really do it, but I was flattered). 
FACT: In high school we had a "nerd" day. You bet your bottom dollar that I full-on dressed up like "D-w-i-g-H-t."
FACT: I even had in my possession a mustard yellow "Assistant to the Regional Manager" t-shirt from the NBC store in New York. If you need further proof, it's in the yearbook.
FACT: Speaking of yearbooks, they quoted me quoting Andy Bernard on a separate page.
FACT: I started constructing a Dwight piñata for Spanish class. I'm going to have to finish it now because I'm embarrassed to admit I never completed it.
FACT: I reign home champion of Scene It: The Office Edition.
FACT: I am a proud owner of an "I Heart Jim" mug that I drank milk out of at breakfast this morning. His face is in the heart. 

And here's my crowning glory: 

I got to see BJ Novak (Office writer and Ryan the Temp) perform live the day after my birthday a few years ago. I told him I loved him and I got my picture taken with him. WHAT?! Yes! It really happened. I was friggin' starstruck.

My heart still flutters a little bit. It was so so awesome.

Anyway, I saw that Rainn Wilson recently wrote an autobiography called The Bassoon King: My Life in Art, Faith, and Idiocy. I knew that I needed it, so I downloaded it. Here is my review:

-I listened to the audio book, which is narrated by Rainn, and, at times, Dwight. It was fun to hear it in his voice since it's his story, and he also reads it well.
-Hilarious (obviously) and interesting. He talks about his spiritual journey, his multiple strange pets, multiple crappy jobs, and multiple strange diseases and illnesses. He also owns up to being a geek and explains it in detail. It's great.
-The voice in his writing is authentic. He's really creative in the way he words things. You can tell that he had fun writing the book, too. For example, I felt like he tried to see how many times he could use a particular word in a sentence or paragraph (if you read it, you'll see what I mean).
-He has some brilliant insight and says amazing things that I would love to quote, but if I did it would probably be several pages.
-It's a book. People need to read more books.

-The book opened up strong and finished well, but was pretty slow in the middle.
- Some profanity (although it's a whole lot less than I would have guessed. No "f-bombs." It's about the same level as The Office). Profanity might not bother some people, but I'm not really a fan of it. Especially when it's on an audio book and Tina is learning how to talk/repeat words.
-He discusses experimentation with hard drugs, which also might bother people.

Would I read this book again: Honestly, probably not cover to cover, but there are parts of it that I loved and would reread those parts again.

Would I recommend it: Based on what I have said above, if it sounds like your type of book, I think you should read it and let me know what you think. If you only want to read it because you love/hate Dwight, read until you start to get bored, then skip to Chapter 14 and read through to the end. You'll miss most of the book, which is cheating, but you'll get what you're looking for.

Have any of you read this book? If so, what's your favorite part? No spoilers! 

Feel free to recommend books that I should read. I would love it!

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to go relive Jim's relationship with Pam and Michael Scott's relationship with Toby.

Hasta la pasta, ya'll.