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Many Thanks & a Mama Llama Q&A!

Hey everyone! Surprise post!

I want to thank you all for the outpouring of love and support I received yesterday. I couldn't believe it!

I honestly didn't want to write a post on my struggles. I figured people didn't want to hear that I was having a hard time. Then the therapist said that they actually would want to hear about it and that I needed to be more open. After that, I felt strongly that I needed to talk about it even though I was really nervous. I was shaking after I hit "publish" for a good ten minutes.

"What will people think?"
"They're going to hate me."
"They're going to think that I'm trying to guilt trip them for not talking to me."
"They're going to be offended."
"They'll think I'm just trying to get attention, that it's just a publicity move."
"They're not going to understand, and I just put myself out there for nothing."

These aren't positive thoughts, obviously, so thank you so much for speaking up and putting my mind and heart at ease. I'm glad that my words and experiences have made a difference. I love you all.

I also wanted to tell you that I added an addendum to my "All is Well" post because something was definitely missing. You can go reread the post here or you can just read the added section right here:

"I want you to know that if these things aren't working for you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going to get help from a professional. There is too much negative stigma attached to going to therapy. Therapy is actually really great. It is better to go get help than suffer in silence. Life is too precious for that."

There. That feels better.

Next item of business:

I want to do a Q&A with all of you! It's fairly simple: please ask me questions. You could ask me about any of my blog topics (desserts, thrift shopping, books, llamas, or my family), or really any questions you want! As long as they're not degrading or anything, I will read them all and try to answer them the best I can.

You have until Monday September 12 to send them in because my next blog post will be next Tuesday September 13!

Send me your questions on Facebook, Instagram, via e-mail, text them to me if you have my phone number, or you can comment below on this post!

I want lots of questions, so get to writing!

And thanks again. I have the best readers in the whole world.

Hasta la pasta, ya'll!


  1. Your post was so great! Where did you guys move? What is your husband doing in grad school? How long does he have left? I didn't know we were basically living the same life!!
    What is your most favorite treat to make?

  2. Okay, here are some of my questions (I wasn't sure what kind of questions you were looking for so these may be all over the place).
    * What is your favorite candle (or lotion or just product in general) from Bath & Body Works? This could also be just you favorite 'type' of smell, too (like, vanilla-y or get the picture).
    * How do you unwind after a long stressful day?
    * What is your favorite hot chocolate flavor?
    * What was the hardest part about moving so far away (temporal here, I know, missing family and friends is real, but I mean, driving alone with the girls...hitting a turtle...I'm sure there was a struggle.
    * What's been your favorite thing about living so far away?
    * What's your favorite thing about Houston?
    * What's your least favorite thing about Houston (other than not having family and friends there).
    * Fruity or chocolate candy?
    * What is, in your opinion, the best find you ever made at a thrift shop?
    * What is going on in your brain when you want to buy something that you want but don't need?
    * How do your girls go down for the night? Bedtime routine, etc.
    * What's your favorite food to eat that you shouldn't?

    Okay, that was a lot, you don't have to answer all of them, and some of them may be confusing... lol


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